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Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)

Engent’s EMS expertise is designed to enable high volume manufacturing while shortening time to market. The suite of services we provide ensures high-yield production of the industry’s most robust and reliable products available on the market. Our EMS expertise includes design support, engineering, manufacturing, as well as electronic component testing and OEM assembly.

Our approach to manufacturing provides our clients with the flexibility to scale manufacturing to meet business needs, so materials, resources and expertise are only leveraged when necessary, resulting in higher efficiency and cost effective manufacturing models.

Engent’s electronic manufacturing services include:

  • Electronic Assembly Services
  • PCBA: Printed Circuit Board Assembly
  • Microelectronics Assembly
  • Next Generation Manufacturing
  • Electronic Failure Analysis

Electronic Assembly Services

PCBA: Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Microelectronics Assembly

Next Generation Manufacturing

Electronic Failure Analysis

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  • Microelectronics Assembly

    Engent provides microelectronics assembly services across a wide variety of verticals and applications, leveraging advanced technologies and unique wiring solutions…

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  • Technology Commercialization

    Engent provides customer support from conception through manufacturing. Our engineers employ applications that support proof of concept development, prototyping and…

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  • Electronic Product Testing

    At Engent, we utilize state-of-the-art electronic product testing equipment that ensures maximum product reliability and performance. Our equipment is capable…

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  • Electronic Printed Circuit Board Prototyping

    Electronic printed circuit board (PCB) prototyping is a critical element within the development of a new printed circuit board design….

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  • Printed Circuit Board Assembly

    Engent’s highly skilled technicians engineer printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) with the best soldering options on either single or double-sided…

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  • Box Build Services

    At Engent, our turnkey box build services allow us to provide a complete solution that doesn’t stop at assembly. Our…

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  • Electronic Failure Analysis

    Engent’s electronic failure analysis services are refined to produce the most accurate product results and develop appropriate measures to prevent…

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  • Electronic Packaging Service

    Engent specializes in electronic packaging services, ensuring that every product and component we help manufacture is appropriately packaged for optimal…

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  • Electronic Components Manufacturing

    At Engent, our electronic components manufacturing services are guided by years of experience and innovation. We recognize that the technologies…

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  • Integrated Circuit Packaging

    Integrated circuit packaging (IC packaging) provides secure casing for custom microelectronics, protecting circuits and electrical contact connections from corrosion or…

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  • Chip on Board Assembly and Packaging

    Chip on board (COB) assembly or packaging is a semiconductor assembly technology meant to eliminate conventional device packaging. Assembly directly…

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  • Wafer Processing

    Wafer processing is an important aspect of providing the capability to offer microelectronics assembly services. In order to provide die…

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  • Implementation Of No-Flow Underfills On Chip Scale Packages

    With decreasing solder joint size, underfill is critical in meeting reliability standards of Chip Scale Package (CSP) technology. The potential…

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  • Processing And Reliability Of Flip Chip With Lead-Free Solders On Halogen-Free Microvia Substrates

    Not only is the electronics industry looking to make smaller, lighter products, but also ones that are environmentally friendly. This…

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  • Thermal Dissipation Analysis In Flip Chip On Board And Chip On Board Assemblies

    There is increasing application of direct chip attach packaging technologies in electronics manufacturing. This white paper explores the thermal management…

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  • Prediction Of Solder Interconnects Wetting And Experimental Evaluation

    As the density of interconnects in electronics packaging increases and the size of microelectronic devices decreases, the formation of solder…

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