Manufacturing Services

Electronic Packaging Service

Engent specializes in electronic packaging services, ensuring that every product and component we help manufacture is appropriately packaged for optimal functionality and sustained value.

Engent’s expert electronic packaging services include, but are not limited to:

  • PCB assemblies
  • Liquid filling
  • Hermetic metal/glass cases
  • Hermetic ceramic packages
  • Glob top
  • Conformal coating
  • Molded plastic
  • Sheet metal
  • Cast metal
  • Potting
  • Porosity sealing

Engent’s electronic packaging protects critical components from exposure to hostile elements and mechanical damage while maintaining proper heat dissipation and a marketable aesthetic.

Engent currently offers a variety of solutions including:

  • 3D packaging
  • System in packaging (SiP)
  • MEMS packaging

Our experts have spent years developing the best processes and solutions that reduce package size and cost. Engent engineered a novel packaging strategy based on modular, reconfigurable components that allow us to provide significant cost savings over conventional solutions while increasing the commercial viability of a wide range of microsystems.


Engent’s EMS expertise is designed to enable high volume manufacturing while shortening time to market. The suite of services we provide ensures high-yield production of the industry’s most robust and reliable products available on the market. Our EMS expertise  includes DFMA support1 , engineering, manufacturing, as well as electronic component testing and OEM assembly.

Our approach to manufacturing provides our clients with the flexibility to scale manufacturing to meet business needs, so materials, resources and expertise are only leveraged when necessary, resulting in higher efficiency and cost effective manufacturing models.

1Engent does not take responsibility for Client’s product designs. Client shall review and approve any plans, drawings, sketches, renderings, diagrams, specifications, concepts, or prototypes supplied to Client by Engent. Such approval shall constitute Client’s warranty and representation to Engent that Client is not relying on any advice given by Engent concerning design, safety, efficacy, performance or testing of products. Engent QMS does not include design services.