Manufacturing Services

Microelectronics Assembly

Engent provides microelectronics assembly services across a wide variety of verticals and applications, leveraging advanced technologies and unique wiring solutions to deliver exceptional products in small packages. Many of the components we assemble are used for vital innovations, such as small robotic tools used by surgeons to gain access and perform intricate operations on remote areas within the human body from a single, tiny incision.

Microelectronics assembly at Engent is supported by a highly skilled team of experienced engineers as well as highly automated and accurate volume manufacturing equipment.


Reliable electronic contract manufacturing services are often difficult to find. Engent can help resolve many issues that occur when aligning design with production.

The standard two-year gap between design and manufacturing in electronics manufacturing is growing. As outsourcing and offshore trends accelerate, it is increasingly difficult to commercialize new designs without massive yield losses during the early stages of production. At Engent, we offer viable solutions to produce the assembly you need right now.

If your circuit board designs are outpacing your manufacturers capabilities, Engent can provide the capabilities necessary to align your aspirations with reality and maintain your competitive advantage. If you find yourself with a product roadmap that is telling you it’s time to press forward yet your manufacturer is telling you “no,” we’ll do everything we can to complete your assembly quickly, so you can get your new devices to market ASAP.