Engineering Services

Surface Mount Assembly and Processing

Engent provides advanced surface mount technology (SMT) assembly services across a variety of electronic circuit applications. In modern electronic circuit manufacturing, SMT has become the ideal means of production. Advanced SMT extends the viability of printed surface boards, providing ideal size options while mounting on both sides of the circuit board. Due to an increasing demand for smaller, lighter, faster, more powerful, and more memory intensive packages, SMT will continue to serve a growing niche in the industry.

Technologies that drive the advancement of SMT include:

  • Laptops, netbooks, and PDA devices
  • Network and telecommunications
  • Intuitive automobile development
  • Department of Defense initiatives

Engent’s SMT services provide a host of benefits for manufacturing and implementation, including:

  • Significantly increased manufacturing efficiency
  • Significantly decreased weight and size
  • Cost reduction for parts and handling
  • Reduced layer counts and holes drilled
  • Greater shock and vibration resistance
  • Noise reduction for greater package quality
  • Reduced power consumption and heat generation

Our advanced surface mount technology assembly services include:

  • Flip chip
  • Direct chip attach and chip on board (COB)
  • 01005, 0201 through 55mm BGA processing
  • Adv. area array packages (FPBGA, CCGA, HBGA, double sided BGA, mirror BGA)
  • Chip scale package (CSP) assembly
  • 0.3mm-0.5mm wafer scale CSP (WLCSP) assembly
  • Lead-free solder
  • Optoelectronics assembly
  • Fiber splicing
  • High-density large panel assembly

Our advanced surface mount technology processing services include:

  • Standard SMT components (all types)
  • Lead free solder
  • High speed 01005, 0201, 0402, 0603, 0805
  • BGA and fine pitch BGA
  • Advanced area array package
  • CBGA
  • CCGA
  • HBGA
  • Double sided BGAs
  • Mirror image BGAs
  • CSP, mBGA, and wafer level CSP
  • Fine pitch CSP to 0.3mm
  • Reworkable underfill BGAs/CSPs
  • Fluxless reflow soldering
  • Fine pitch stencil printing
  • Flip chip on board
  • Pin-through hole
  • Through hole connector rework systems
  • BGA/CSP/area array package rework systems

Engineering Capabilities

Engent provides customer support from concept all the way through to volume manufacturing. Our team supports customers with proof of concept development, prototyping and testing to advance technology into a commercial applications.

Our engineering capabilities include:

  • Advanced Process Development
  • Advanced Technology Component Prototyping
  • Materials Analysis and Characterization