Engineering Services

Reliability Testing

Engent utilizes state-of-the-art electronic product testing equipment to ensure maximum product reliability and performance. Our equipment tests for shock, vibration, temperature, and acceleration, and is capable of qualification and cycling testing.

Our industry best equipment includes, but is not limited to:

  • Liquid thermal shock chamber
  • Air thermal shock chamber
  • Highly accelerated stress test (HAST) chamber
  • Accelerated stress test system (HALT)
  • Industrial oven
  • AGREE Chamber
  • Electrodynamic vibration system

Our electronic product testing services provide validation that every product we deliver will perform successfully under realistic, expected conditions.

Engent’s reliability testing includes:

  • New package and assembly qualification (Level I and II)
  • Product-level testing

Engent maintain full compliance with the rules and regulations set forth by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission. Our teams possess extensive experience in electronic product testing, and are dedicated to contributing to advancements that mature industry technologies.