Engineering Services

Packaging and Process Technology Selection and Qualification

  • Semiconductor wafer solder bumping technologies specification (evaporation, electroplating, stencil printing)
  • Under bump metalization specification (sputtering, evaporation, electroless plating)

Advanced Assembly Technology Success Story

When an OEM needed very quick-turn assembly of a new board using consigned material, they found that their EMS provider’s high-volume lines were running with no open capacity.

Advanced Assembly Technology Solution:

Engent set up, assembled and delivered the boards – ahead of schedule. Of more significance is the early determination during first article inspection of a thin HASL finish on the boards, which would have resulted in poor solderability. New boards were obtained and the total solution of process knowledge, capability, and customer support allowed this product to be delivered on time.


  • Our Process
  • Procure and Receive Material Data
  • Material Inventory
  • Software Generation
  • Setup Generation
  • First Article Assembly
  • Assembly of Remaining Kit
  • Documentation and Delivery