Engineering Services

Flip Chip Technology

Flip chip, or C4 (controlled collapse chip connection), is a system-in-package assembly service that provides numerous benefits over other processes of interconnection. Also known as direct chip attach, flip chip bonding is quickly taking precedence over traditional wire bonding in many applications due to its high performance, smaller footprint and greater reliability.

Engent’s flip chip and bonding services are designed to enhance electronics systems by providing a smaller system both in height and overall area. Flip chip processes also conduct heat more effectively, allowing for faster signals and minimizing risk. Our technology specialists provide cost effective bonding solutions without sacrificing performance.

Engent’s other advanced surface mount processing and packaging services include:


  • SIP and module deployment to low cost production
  • Wafer level packaging DFM
  • SIP / module packaging DFM
  • Integrated SIP-SMT processing
  • Bare die handling (Si, SiGe, GaAs, InP, Lithium)
  • Substrate selection (AlN, LTCC, HTCC, Thermount®, BT, FR-5, polyimide, metal core)
  • Wire bonding DFM (ball, wedge, ribbon)
  • BGA packaging DFM
  • Gallium alloy interconnects, conductors and bonding (optical fiber bonding, via filling)
  • Encapsulation techniques

Engineering Capabilities

Engent provides customer support from concept all the way through to volume manufacturing. Our team supports customers with proof of concept development, prototyping and testing to advance technology into a commercial applications.

Our engineering capabilities include:

  • Advanced Process Development
  • Advanced Technology Component Prototyping
  • Materials Analysis and Characterization