Engineering Services

Electronic Failure Analysis

Engent’s electronic failure analysis services are refined to produce the most accurate product results and develop appropriate measures to prevent the recurrence of failure. Our services combine the most advanced technologies with the talent of our expert engineers.

Engent’s electronic failure analysis services can be applied to an entire spectrum of components including:

  • Area array packages (BGAs, CSPs, flip chip)
  • MEMS structures
  • Hybrid micro circuits
  • Multi-chip modules
  • Integrated circuits
  • Discrete transistors and diodes
  • Photonic devices (VCSELs, laser diodes, LEDs)
  • Chip on board
  • RF, microwave, and SAW devices

Engent’s analytical and failure analysis equipment includes:

  • Low pressure SEM
  • SEM backscatter detector
  • Energy disperse X-Ray analysis
  • High magnification polarizing light/dark field microscope
  • Metallagraph
  • Differential contrast microscope
  • X-Ray florescence microscope
  • Megapixel digital camera
  • CSAM (acoustic microscopy)
  • IR microscope
  • 3D surface inspection system
  • High speed digital video camera
  • Digital image analysis software
  • Boroscope
  • FT-IR
  • DSC (digital scanning calorimeter)
  • Rheometer
  • Viscometer
  • TGA (thermo gravimetric analysis)
  • DMA (dynamic mechanical analysis)
  • TMA (thermo mechanical analysis)

Read our case studies (add link here) for an in-depth look at how Engent engineers solve problems with product failures.